Just make a call.

We know that due to the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is sometimes easier to run errands through the phone.

With our TeleCaribe Voice System you can:

  • Check the balance of your accounts and loans
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Make transfers to joint accounts
  • Make payments to loans and MasterCard
  • Make withdrawals through checks

How to use the system? Here we take you step by step.

1. Dial the corresponding phone number:
  • Puerto Rico Metropolitan Area – Call (787) 759-8383
  • Puerto Rico outside of the Metropolitan Area – Call 1-800-981-5288
  • United States – Call 1-877-982-3288
2. When prompted, enter your member number and press the pound (#) symbol key. Then enter your PIN.


3. When prompted, enter any of the options on the Main Member Menu:
  • Press ‘1’ for account information
  • Press ‘2’ for transfers and payments
  • Press ‘3’ for all balances and tax information
  • Press ‘4’ for any other information

TeleCaribe will take you through the available transaction options. If you need to listen to the options again press the *.