I-Save Share Saving’s Club

Helps parents educate their teenagers from 13 to 18 years, about the importance to save. With only $10 your teenarger can become part of this special program and develop saving’s skills that will help them for life.

With this account your children receive:

  • Invitation to special events that involves art and creativity classes
  • Special contests for a chance to win prizes
  • Students with over 3.00 GPA at the end of the school year could win gift cards or an account deposit. Send a copy of your grades at the end of the school year to marketing@caribefederal.com

We will require the following documents:

  • Original Birth Certificate of the child opening the account
  • Original Social Security Card of the child opening the account and the parent or tutor who will jointly own the account
  • Valid Photo ID of the parent or tutor

Special Notice:

  • The funds deposited in the account can’t be used as collateral for a loan
  • The parents or tutor will have to sign a minor account agreement
  • The account will be opened with both names jointly


Fee Schedule

Regulation D