You can do it with a personal loan from Caribe Federal Credit Union!

A personal loan can help you make renovation to your home, travel, pay debts and so much more. Caribe Federal has different types of personal loans for you. Choose which one works best for you:

  • Unwarranted Personal Loan
  • Warrantied Personal Loan
  • Personal Credit Line

Unsecured Personal Loan offers:

  • Repayments from 12 months to 96 months
  • Maximum amounts up to $70,000
  • Payment protection covers
  • Interest rate from  2.25%APR to a maximum interest rate of 18%APR 

Secured Personal Loan offers:

  •     No credit verification required 
  •     Pay only 2.00% APR * on the last dividend paid to your share account
  •     Repayment of up to 6 years
  •     The balance of your certificate or regular share account will be available for you.
  •     The shares used as collateral continue to earn dividends and you can refinance your loan at any time.

Personal Credit Line offers:

  •     Easy access to your funds
  •     Maximum amount up to $10,000
  •     Term of up to 12 years
  •     The best guaranteed interest rates
  •     Your monthly payments will be based on the amount used

We are available to guide you through the selection and application processes.  We provide all the information you might need to make a wise financial decision. 

*Some restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval and other parameters established by CFCU. Your interest rate will be determined based on your credit score and repayment selected.