Personal Unsecured*

With CFCU Personal Unsecured loan we make borrowing easy, whether it’s a need or just a dream you have in mind, CFCU is there to help you.
  • Interest begin at 4.75%APR up to 18.00%APR *
  • Repayment from 12 months up to 96 months
  • Maximum amount of $40,000
  • Fast processing
  • Payment protection coverage

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Personal Fully Secured

Need money but don’t want to use your savings? CFCU offers a fully secure personal loan with the ultimate low rate.

  • Only pay 2.00% APR over the last dividends paid to your shares account
  • Up to 5 years for repayment
  • Use the balance in your savings or certificate account
  • No credit approval
  • Share’s used as collateral continue to earn dividends
  • Refinance your loan any time you like

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Line of Credit*

Write yourself a loan anytime with CFCU personal line of credit. Use the funds for all kind of purposes, including overdraft protection, personal expenses or a vacation.

  • Easy accessibility of funds
  • Monthly payments based on the amount used
  • Maximum amount of $10,000
  • Terms up to 12 years
  • Best interest rates guaranteed

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*Some restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval and other parameters established by CFCU. Your interest rate will be determined based on your credit score and repayment selected.