TeleCaribe Voice Response System

With the TeleCaribe Voice Response System you will be able to:

  • Check balances in accounts and loans
  • Make transfers within your accounts
  • Make cross transfers in joint accounts
  • Make loans and MasterCard payments
  • Make withdrawals in checks


How to Use:

1. Access Phone Numbers
  • Puerto Rico Metropolitan Area
    Call (787)-759-8383
  • Puerto Rico Out of Metropolitan Area 
    Call 1-800-981-5288
  • United States
    Call 1-877-982-3288
2. At the request, enter your Member Account Number and press the pound (#) key. Then enter your pin.
3. When instructed enter a transaction from the Main Member Menu:
  • 1 for account information
  • 2 for transfers and payments
  • 3 for account balance and tax information
  • 4 for all other information

TeleCaribe will lead you through all the transactions options. Please listen carefully to all the available options. If you need to hear the options once again please enter *.