Credit Card fraud continues to escalate.

With the purpose of protecting your Caribe Federal Credit Union (CFCU) MasterCard, we have established an automatic transactions monitoring system. This system identifies transactions that may be considered high risk. Also it may generate a preventive block to your Credit Card.

The following transactions may be considered high risk:

  • Transactions outside of Puerto Rico when your residence is in Puerto Rico
  • Not usual transactions that are made by telephone or internet
  • High risk internet businesses
  • First transaction generated in an account that was inactive
  • Excessive transactions in a short period of time
  • Transaction in excess of $1,500
  • Transactions in China

Before making a preventing blocking in your Credit Card, an officer will try to contact you to verify if the high risk transaction is valid.

Therefore we encourage you to:

1. Maintain updated with CFCU your contact telephones this including your personal cell phone. This may be done by:

    • Mail by writing us to 195 O’Neill Street, San Juan PR 00918-2404
    • Telephone contacting us at 787-474-5151 and selecting option 3
    • Fax dialing 787-474-5140, 787-474-5148 or 787-474-5144

2. If you are going to travel outside of Puerto Rico, please inform it to CFCU in our regular business hours (7:15am-5:45pm) by calling us at 787-474-5151.

3. Before making an electronic transaction please verify that the business is a secure one.

4. In the following countries your MasterCard may be blocked or limited in services:

  • Dominican Republic-gas stations
  • Italy-train stations
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Israel
  • South Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • China

5. If you need to inform any situation related to your MasterCard the following contact information can help you:

  • If you can’t use your card, it may be blocked for security purposes. Please call at any time (24/7) to 787-641-1054 or 787-641-1084
  • To inform a lost or stolen card please call at any time to (24/7) 787-751-0786
  •  For Caribe Federal member service please call 787-474-5151