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When you become a member of our cooperative you begin to enjoy the best dividends, the lowest interest rates and the best quality of service. We offer a variety of accounts and free services that were created thinking of you. These benefits are only available here!

Satisfied Members

However, the best way to know if something is good is by word of mouth… How many of us feel more confident in making a decision when we receive feedback from someone that has already tried the service or product? At least we do! That’s why we want our partners to tell you about their experiences with us. You can read about it here.

Edgar Soto
“Service without complications.”

Elsie González
“Very satisfied, the representatives treat you excellently.”

Elizabeth Rabell
“I am very satisfied and pleased with your service.”

Daniel Ortiz
“Excellent… Very professional and willing to help the client.”

Iris Mojica
“The service I received was excellent; the kindness and above all the promptness with which they treated my situation was incredible. I appreciate with all my heart the attention and the care with which they treated me. May God bless you always. In Caribe Federal I am not a number anymore; I’m part of a family. “

Vicenta Cosme
“The service is excellent. I felt from each employee the desire to help me.”

Rivie Isaac María
“On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say a 10 since I was very satisfied with the service.”

Willie Álvarez
“Very good attention from your staff. 100% positive.”


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