Mastercard Rewards

You are about to pay the tickets for your next trip, and you remember that with your Caribe Federal Mastercard you accumulate points. What a better way to use them than to pay for your trip? When you get one of our Mastercards you are participating in our rewards program.  Below you will find the rules about this program:

  • Denomination of what it is accumulated
  • Accumulation
    For every dollar of purchase and/or cash advance- 1 point
  • Participants
    Every member that has a credit card with the credit union and the account is in good standing with the program.
  • Minimum amount required to have a prize
    $5,000 dollars (deposit of $50)
  • Limit in accumulation in annual points for purchases and services
    105,000 points
  • Limit in accumulation in annual points for cash advances
    105,000 points
  • Validity in accumulated points
    The accumulated points will have validity for two years after the first year of accumulated.
  • Commercial Transactions
    Commercial transactions do not participate in the program. These transactions are defined as clients that use their cards to pay commercial or business purchases and not for personal purchases.

If you have 5,000 points or more and you want to receive your gift card you can call 787-474-5151.