If you knew of a system that prevents fraud with your credit cards, would you use it? In Caribe Federal we want you to feel confident that your finances are in good hands. That’s why we offer our automated transaction monitoring. With this system we can detect any unusual transaction that may be high-risk in your accounts, and we can block your credit card account in a preventive manner.

These are some of the transactions that fall under the high-risk line:

  • Transactions outside Puerto Rico, if you are living in Puerto Rico
  • Unusual transactions made through telephone or internet
  • Transactions with high-risk online stores
  • First transaction generated in a previously inactive account
  • Excessive transactions in a short period of time
  • Transactions above $1,500
  • Transactions in China

Before making a preventive block to your credit card, an officer will try to contact the credit card owner to verify that the transaction was made by him/herself.

For this reason, we urge all our members to:

  1. Keep their phone numbers updated. If you need to update any of them, you can contact us by these means:

    Mail: 195 O’Neill Street, San Juan PR 00918-2404

    Phone: 787-474-5151, choose 3

    Fax: 787-474-5150, 787-474-5148 or 787-474-5155

  2. If you are traveling outside of Puerto Rico, you can notify us by calling 787-474-5151 (service hours, 7:15 AM – 5:45PM).
  3. Before making electronic transactions, it is important that you confirm that the e-commerce is safe.
  4. Your card could be blocked if transactions are detected in the following countries:
    • Australia
    • United Kingdom
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Arab Emirates 
    • Kuwait
    • Egypt
    • Ucrania
    • Passenger Railroads in France
  5. If you need to notify any situation or inconvenience with your Mastercard you can report it to the following contacts:
    • If you can’t use your card, it may have been blocked for security purposes. Please call at any time (24/7): 787-641-1054 or 787-641-1084
    • To inform a lost or stolen card please call at any time (24/7): 787-751-0786
    •  For Caribe Federal member service, please call 787-474-5151