Volunteers working for all members.


Our desire at Caribe Federal is to offer you the highest possible quality of service. The board of directors is a group of volunteers that works to ensure our members’ best interests. With your vote, you can help choose the members of our next boards. Get to know the current team!

First Line: Ivan O. Puig, Emilio Colón, Celia Ruiz, Benito Rodríguez, Alexis Agostini and Juan O. Rodríguez

Second Line: Rafael Martínez, Porfirio Ríos, Juan Masini, Heriberto Martínez and Ramón Negrón


Juan MasiniChairmanAttorney at Law/Notary Public
Porfirio RíosFirst Vice-ChairmanUS Trustee, DOJ, Ret.
Heriberto MartínezSecond Vice-ChairmanUSDA-FSA, Ret.
Ramón a NegrónTreasurerEx-BOD ICPRFCU
Rafael MartínezSecretaryATF, Ret. -Attorney at Law/Notary Public
Celia RuízAsst. SecretaryUSDE-IOG, Ret.
Iván O. PuigAsst. TreasurerUS Postal Service, Ret.
Alexis AgostiniMember at LargeUSDA-State Dept., Agronomist, Ret.
Emilio M. ColónMember at LargeUSA, Ret. -Professional Engineer
Juan O. RodríguezMember at LargeHUD-Attorney at Law/ Notary Public
Benito RodríguezMember at LargeAttorney at Law/ Notary Public