During  this difficult time, Caribe Federal is here to offer the following options:

Moratorium of up to three months on personal and car loans. Click here to view the document. The document must be sent by return email to moratoriacovid19@caribefederal.com Interest will continue to accrue and your loan must be up to date with no arrears by January 31, 2020 of requesting the moratorium. The three months will apply from the month the moratorium was requested. Those members who do not have the facility to print the application should call 787-474-5151.

Zero minimum payment on your mastercard until the payment due on July 2. This moratorium will be automatic and interest will continue to accumulate. If you do not want to use it, you can continue making your payments as usual. If you are subscribed to automatic minimum payment through Caribe Federal for the months of May to July, you must make the payment through other means.


Notice to members with mastercard: your statement with payment due date on April 2 must be made on or before that date. The moratorium will be applied for the payment due in May.